We make shopping for commercial electricity service EASY.

Electricity bills represent one of the greatest expenses for most businesses. When you choose the right product or supply plan, it could mean potential annual savings on energy overhead of up to 30% – and depending upon your energy consumption, that could be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars saved each month.

By being an NHTA member, you are not alone. You have Diversegy on your side, as a trusted energy advisor and partner, who will negotiate the best deal on your behalf and create an energy conservation roadmap to help reduce your long-term energy expenses.

Diversegy is North America’s premier commercial energy brokerage and advisory firm. We represent you, the client, in the energy buying process, and not any other supplier or the local utility company. For customers of all sizes, it’s like having an energy expert on your payroll, free of charge.

Whether you operate a local, multi-state or international freight, transportation or logistics company, or are just getting started, we will provide a complimentary, comprehensive audit of your company’s energy bills and show you where you may be overpaying for your energy.

To learn more about how Diversegy can help your business, contact Diversegy today.

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Save on electricity and build a business at the same time. A quality of life opportunity!

Keeping you, our NHTA members in mind, we give you a bundle of key services that impact your bottom line and ease your life. Because electricity is essential, in partnership with Stream Energy, the NHTA offers the energy products and services you need to keep your life running smoothly. Whether it’s keeping your lights on or cooling your home, powering your technology or your tools, Stream can power your home or business.

As an additional benefit, NHTA members can choose to join The Stream Opportunity and start selling Stream services. This way, as an NHTA member, you automatically become a small business owner without even quitting your day job. You will be set up with your own website and will access tools, training, and a network of experienced Associates to help you succeed. When you sign up customers, you could begin earning extra income every month, plus extra perks like Free Energy.

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