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Save on mobile phone and identity protection services and build a business at the same time. A formula for success!

Padlock on smart phone and tablet computer. Safety & security onNHTA introduces our members to Mobile Services that let you choose affordable plans from two major 4G LTE nationwide networks. Under this program, as a NHTA member, you can keep your own device and number or shop for a new one. Moreover, you can choose from flexible data plans starting at $30 a month with no long-term contracts.

As an additional benefit, NHTA members can elect Protective Services with the necessary tools to live a safer, easier life with identity protection, credit monitoring and tech support services, all of these benefits at great savings. When you bundle these services together, you’ll save even more.

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You don’t need to be an IT expert to use our Transportation Management System.

TruckingManagementApp-JBATelematics-NHTANHTA members can now plan, monitor, and manage their fleet with affordable Transportation Management Systems. Our members don’t need to be IT experts to use this technology. Our experts can make this implementation absolutely simple for you. NHTA works in partnership with JBA Telematics that is an authorized LoadTrek Software distributor. LoadTrek is a single cloud-based tool that helps you automate compliance, enhance your safety programs, control your operating costs, and maximize your revenue-producing opportunities.

You don’t have to accept technology that does not work for your fleet. One size does not fit all, no matter what vendors may say. That’s why when you join the NHTA, we will all work together with JBA Telematics and we will know which questions to ask, and we will know the answers that are going to lead your fleet to success.

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Our mobile retail discount app gets you the most recent product and service discounts wherever you go.

Composite image of sale advertisementThe NHTA mobile app is a loyalty and rewards mobile application. The NHTA app makes over 500,000 consumer benefit offers available to the NHTA trucking company members. NHTA members can -at the same time- extend these consumer benefit offers to their drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and other staff members.

Using the NHTA mobile app allows the NHTA members to access discounts in the following categories while they are on the road or back home: Auto, Beauty, Dining, Garden, Golf, Hotel, Movies, Recreation Services and Shipping.

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