Corporate Advisory Board


The Alliance has a Corporate Advisory Board whose role is to advise the Alliance Leadership on transportation issues, consumer preferences, products, services, activities, programs, business needs and any concerns facing our members on a daily basis. Our Corporate Advisory Board is composed of representatives from each of the Corporate Sponsors.

The Corporate Advisory Board meets four (4) times per year on a quarterly basis and has no formal voting rights over the operations of the Alliance. The Corporate Sponsors are each allowed one representative to serve on the Corporate Advisory Board. The individual Corporate Sponsors decide who from their company will represent them on the Advisory Board.

QUARTERLY BOARD MEETINGS- The Corporate Advisory Board quarterly meetings are held in different regions of the state, with the first quarter meeting to be held in Dallas, second quarter meeting to be held in San Antonio, the third quarter meeting to be held in McAllen and the fourth quarter meeting will be held in Houston.

The Corporate Advisory Board meets on a Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Quarterly Corporate Advisory Board Meetings consist of a Friday morning golf outing followed in the afternoon with a networking reception at 6:00 pm along with Hispanic Transportation Advisory Board Members, invited City, County and State Elected Officials. Saturday begins with a breakfast and a keynote speaker.

The schedule then includes workshops and seminars where Corporate Sponsors may highlight their company’s products and services. The formal Board Meeting begins at 11:30am with a working lunch covering related transportation issues, consumer concerns, services, products, old business and new business activities.

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