Safety Training

NHTA sets the standard for online safety training

Safety Training SimulatorNHTA offers a wide range of online safety training courses for individual consumers and organizations looking to keep their employees safe. These courses offer all the content and quality of our traditional classroom training programs, without the travel expense and time. NHTA makes it easy and enjoyable to learn our technically sound content through a well integrated learning experience comprised of full-motion video, animation, interactive user exercises and real-world simulations.

You will receive an official Certificate of Completion, unless otherwise noted, from the National Safety Council that, in many states, may be used to lower automobile insurance rates. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you qualify. Requirements for insurance discounts vary by state. If you intend to take this course for insurance discount, you must verify with your agent or insurance company before you enroll that they will accept the DDC-Online Certificate of Completion issued by the National Safety Council. Since only one certificate will be issued to each account, family members will need to purchase separate accounts to receive the certificates of their own.