What We Do


NHTA serves its members by providing with advocacy, access to expansion and operating capital, business, health and life insurance, legal assistance, staff training, new contract opportunities, driver retention and recruitment initiatives, discounted products and all types of services our members and families want and need.

REVENUES – Our first goal is to increase your bottom line profits by reducing your costs of products and services and by better connecting you to companies and government agencies that need your services. In addition to our website, we will use a mobile app to bring these products and services directly to you as you travel anywhere in the country. Our second goal is to provide you and your family with ways to generate additional income through the resale of NHTA’s products and services within your communities.

RECRUITMENT – Our goal is to help you improve your ability to recruit new drivers and office staff by connecting companies and drivers together through our website. NHTA will also support the work of the Future Truckers of America (FTA) through our 501c3 non-profit. The FTA will become the preferred way for young men and women to learn more about the trucking business and to sign up for educational courses that lead to better paying jobs and careers.

RETENTION – Our goal is to strengthen your driver retention programs by offering your drivers and office staff and family members a large variety of discounted products and services that are needed by your employees or contractors and which are also needed by their family members. Additionally, we are providing your drivers and office staff a private and cyber secure social network that will increase your ability to inter-connect in business matters with your clients, customers, employees and fellow trucking members.

RE-TRAINING – NHTA provides you and your employees access to educational courses that allow your truck drivers and office staff the opportunity to achieve ever higher levels of training and education through on-campus and on-line courses by an accredited Community College that specializes in the transportation industry.

RETIREMENT – Our goal is to provide you and your employees with access to financial service companies that will show you different ways that you can prepare for the later years in life by making the right decisions today.

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